Woohoo December is here! Time to get going on our Winter Bucket List!


□ Take a crisp morning walk in the snow
□ Go stargazing on a clear night
□ Build a snowman
□ Set up a blanket fort and “camp out”
□ Make DIY Valentines
□ Cut out paper snowflakes
□ Decorate sugar cookies
□ Brighten your space with fresh winter blooms
□ Volunteer at a soup kitchen
Donate old towels and/or blankets to an animal shelter
□ Find a local coffeehouse concert to go to
□ Make a reading list, and read each book (or magazine issue!) start to finish
□ Create the perfect winter playlist
□ Attend a hockey game
□ Take a winter family hike (even being able to walk on all different kinds of terrain is a fundamental movement skill).
□ Find a winter festival in your area.
□ Make a vision board
□ Have a coloring contest
□ Have a PJ day, and stay comfy from morning to night
Participate in a church telling of the story of the birth of Jesus
□ Send Christmas gifts/cards to soldiers overseas
Have a Christmas/Winter movie marathon
□ Visit a museum
□ Sip hot apple cider by a fire
□ Bake a pie
□ Make pictures in the snow with food dye
Make your New Year’s Resolution list
□ Take a winter nature walk
Decorate your kid’s room with twinkling Christmas lights
Help with a food drive
□ Have a holiday book-a-thon