If we were having coffee today, you could probably see I’m a little hungover. Too many moscow mules and red wine last night. However the mild pain today was well worth a lovely evening filled with much laughter and family.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny low 60s day so we took advantage by visiting the zoo and going on a small hike at the nature center. Tomorrow it’s supposed to drop to low 30s and snow! Is there no better teacher of “seize the day” than weather – my goodness.

Busy today trying to finish up several blog posts for February – both for work and personal. And what have you been up to?

Today’s #WeekendCoffeeShare is “Brazilian Estate” from World Market. I think my coffee heart still belongs to Tanzanian Peaberry.

Oh, the best thing I read this week was from Mark Nepo’s The One Life We’re Given

Half of the soul’s work is to be. The other half is to be of use. It’s in our nature to try with all our heart, at everything and anything, until we chance to inhabit grace and come alive. And being so alive, we become a conduit for life and a resource for others… the soul’s work is ever-present, if we can put down everything that gets in the way.

What do you think? For me it really resonates and I hope to explore and explain more of my thinking on it for a future post. I love getting inspired in this way.

Wishing you a wonderful week. I’ll be here if you want to stop by again!