Today’s prompt is not from A Year of Writing Dangerously by Barbara Abercrombie. Instead, I’ve pulled from a list of journal prompts I have. I keep a “joy journal” similar to a gratitude journal so sharing my shares for today.

What are you grateful for today?

  1. Turning on the gas fireplace this morning for the heat and coziness. As I turned it off, I said a word of thanks that I do not have just a fireplace to warm our home but a heating system that assures me my child will be warm tonight. Grateful too that I can pay that bill without needing to sacrifice food or other essentials.
  2. My focus this morning so that I could accomplish some key tasks for clients and colleagues. I was even able to write this post for myself AND have a bit of lunch. Woo-hoo productivity!
  3. Good coffee that is grown and harvested by people across this world that I will not likely meet. But I can taste the terra effert and the essence of the place in this hot mug of dark, zero-calorie beverage that sustains me as I hope the coffee industry sustains the people who actually care for the beans. There is an equality of coffee in that both the very poor and very rich may drink the same bean albeit prepare and serve in different ways. I am grateful there are still some level playing fields in life and especially appreciate the ones who fight to keep them going for all of us.

I wish you much love this week of St. Valentine’s Day. So grateful to you for reading.