I’ve been doing #WallpaperWednesday for one of my clients and I’ve decided to start creating my own.


It’s strange sometimes what moments stick to us… give us meaning and in this case, has provided me with a personal mantra for over 20 years.

One night during my freshmen year of college, middle of a cold Michigan winter, I was out at an apartment party. Not a “major rager” but definitely packed with new faces and very fun. I was feeling very mellow (aka happy drunk) and got into a conversation with an older college gentleman – also drunk.

Him: You know who you are?
Me: Nope. Who am I?
Him: You… you are Joy… the soul woman of heaven.

For me, there has never been a cooler ideal to be than this. A stranger saw something in me… the light in me… and felt safe to declare it aloud to me. Or yes, for the cynical among us, this could have been a very clever line to pick up women. He did not pick me up though but that’s another whole tale to tell.

But in darker moments since… when I’ve been very sad or very scared or very nervous, these words come back to me. “I am Joy, the soul woman of heaven and I’ve got this.”

So be Joy. Dance among the wildflowers. Drink tea and listen to soul music and feel your beauty. Have a beautiful week!

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I am joy Digital Wallpaper
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I am joy Digital Wallpaper
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I am joy Digital Wallpaper
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I am joy Digital Wallpaper
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