1. Life is precious. And taking care of my body – not just enduring or pushing past physical pain – is a big part of showing the Universe that my life… I believe it is precious.
  2. Being present keeps me in love. Drifting into thoughts of the past or future causes me to regret or worry. This moment is where love lives.
  3. My creativity is a gift and something I love to explore – it’s okay if no one understands it. They didn’t get Van Gogh in his lifetime either.
  4. When I do my best (the best I can do in that moment), no matter the outcome, I feel at peace. I’m striving to teach this to my son.
  5. It also means I can always try again. I believe in second chances and opportunities.
  6. 365 new days. 365 new opportunties.
  7. Face it. Whatever it is. The fear thoughts surrounding it are far worse then facing it, going through it and conquering the damn thing. Afterwards, I feel stronger, clearer and freer.