School let out yesterday so today the bucket list goes up. I’ve fleshed out several items already for June but here are some other goals for this Summer!


□ Go fishing
Blow bubbles
Have a picnic
□ Make Tie-Dye Shirts
□ Play At The Park with Friends
□ Watch Fireworks
□ Bonfire and S’mores
Plant Flowers
Plant Vegetables — now will they actually grow?!
□ Go Canoeing/Kayaking
Visit an aquarium
□ Go to a children’s museum – we did go to the AZ Science Museum but I don’t think it counts.
□ Go to a water park
□ Visit A Farmer’s Market
□ Go Camping
Visit A Zoo
Make Homemade Ice Cream — both a vanilla and a chocolate. Sooo good!
Read At Least 10 Books
Attend a Free Kids Art Class — at the Phippen, was wonderful. We made embossed leather bookmarks and learned a little on cattle branding (and rustling).
Family Game Night
□ Play Bingo
□ Make A Blanket Fort
Cozy up in a cabin in the woods – sometime soon we’ll be experiencing the North rim of the Grand Canyon! Sadly one we will have to carry over to next summer – wildfires
□ Take a family photo, just because
Do a three-day tech detox
Read 3 books off the NYT best seller’s list – no clue if they’ve been on the list but I have done some leisurely reading this summer so yay!
Spend an afternoon coloring
□ Bake an apple or berry pie
□ Watch a movie in a park