Tra-la-la. Blooms, butterflies and happy pastel colors to wear! Here’s our Spring Bucket List of goals! See you out there!


□ Have a picnic on a blanket with a really good friend
□ Fly a kite
□ Plant seeds
□ Clean out your desk, studio, or closet
□ Splash in puddles
□ Create a nature themed scavenger hunt
□ Wear a flower in your hair (or make a flower crown)
□ Get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny
□ Celebrate Ostara, the Spring Equinox
□ Watch the sunrise
□ Go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boating
□ Visit a farmer’s market
□ Do something drastic to your hair
□ Have a garden tea party
□ Visit a Tulip Garden or Botanical Garden
□ So some yoga outside
□ Take a hike
□ Go on a Spring Break vacation
□ Write a Spring-themed haiku
□ Send postcards to celebrate Postcard Week the first week of May
□ Visit a flea market
□ Celebrate Earth Day
□ Make a Spring-themed playlist/mix CD
□ Search for murals in your city
□ Build a fairy house
□ Attend opening day for your local baseball team
□ Play mini golf
□ Plan a Summer vacation
□ Plant a butterfly bush
□ Go tent camping
□ Declutter your house
□ Take a walk while it’s raining
□ Go to the zoo