If we were having coffee today, you would see we are much improved healthwise over last week. I even have most of my voice back… although it is still leaning to the Stevie Nicks side of things. And that is not a bad thing in my opinion.

We have been productive bunnies today and yesterday. Christmas has been put away, a few Valentine’s Day elements are now visible and I’ve gotten a few personal work tasks completed. So far ahead of my blogging than where I was last year I feel. It appears having no actual voice for awhile has helped my creative one get in gear.

We shall see if it holds – I am ever optimistic.

We just were at the library and each of us borrowed three books. We also ventured to Target and you would be so proud of me as it relates to my “No Spend Cleanse.” I did not buy the two fabulous smelling candles and only spent $60 on essentials which for Target is a pretty good feat.

Today’s #WeekendCoffeeShare is “Brazilian Estate” from World Market. I think my coffee heart still belongs to Tanzanian Peaberry.

I think I’ll do a bit of reading after this. One of my library picks is “Solid Seasons” by Jeffrey S. Cramer which shares firsthand letters and journal accounts of the friendship between Thoreau and Emerson. Just flipping through it looks fascinating. For instance, bit of trivia, both were pallbearers for Elizabeth Alcott… the Beth of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. I like learning of connections like these. The synergies and syncs of the world that make it still seem a warm and “on purpose” place if we look and listen and pay attention.

and proving my point… four mule deer just walked past the backyard along the little creek. With the snow coating left from last Thursday still on the trees and ground… such a beautiful moment to take in. There is love and loveliness in th world indeed.

Wishing you a wonderful week. I’ll be here if you want to stop by again!