As I near the half-century mark and feel the tick tick tick of time, I have decided it’s important to honor my past. It’s also helping me realize – excitedly – how much more I can do in the coming years. To keep living forward with accomplishments I’m proud of.

These are in no particular order.

  1. Lived in Chicago for six years.
  2. Graduated from college–Michigan State University in East Lansing–and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (emphasis on Broadcasting with two cognates in Spanish and Criminal Justice).
  3. Earned the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) credential (on my first try).
  4. Have seen at least five shows on Broadway. Can’t wait to take my son someday.
  5. Sung at Carnegie Hall my junior year with my high school choir. So amazing!
  6. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge – four months pregnant at that.
  7. Been both a Girl Scout (brownies, juniors) and a Girl Scout leader.
  8. Gambled and won in Las Vegas. Even experienced one memorable weekend as an active participant in Biker Fest.
  9. Enjoyed coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans
  10. Worked in Harpo Studios on – experienced and learned so much that continues to be expanded upon
  11. Had drinks in the Signature Room, 95th floor of the Hancock Building in Chicago with fabulous people I still adore
  12. Had martinis so often in the Ritz in Chicago they nicknamed us the Cosmo Girls way before Sex & the City. We went there to discuss our ambitions. It was lovely.
  13. Seen several games live at Wrigley Field. Plus a few spring training games in Arizona. AND even attended several Smokies games in Knoxville (the Cubs farm team). I AM a Cubs fan.
  14. Stayed late at Buddy Guy’s and Muddy Waters for the finest blues music in Chicago
  15. Toured the Spanish-Revival mansion and museum of William K. Vanderbilt II in Centerport, one of the few remaining Gold Coast estates on the North Shore of Long Island, and the Biltmore “America’s largest home” built by George Vanderbilt II in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville.
  16. Toured both George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation
  17. Seen our Nation’s Capitol several times touring monuments, watching Congress in session, etc.
  18. Shaken the hand of the President of the United States – Clinton in 1992.
  19. Experienced pregnancy and had a beautiful son via c-section
  20. Got married. Got divorced.
  21. Seen the Grand Canyon from both its South and North Rims.
  22. Driven the entire length of Route 66
  23. Got a Tattoo. May get another one at 50.
  24. Gone Skinny Dipping. In fact a one summer camp in Minnesota I am one of the original “nudie bears”
  25. Been published in two magazines
  26. Can claim being a “commissioned artist” for my custom mardi gras bead artwork pieces.
  27. Donated money on a monthly basis – $50 a month last 2 years to 3 organizations
  28. Gone sailing
  29. Performfd in-front of a stadium of people. Mets vs. Cubs – my high school choir sang the National Anthem in Shea Stadium.
  30. Had Afternoon Tea at the Ritz with a dozen fabulous women I worked with
  31. Gone to a drag show.
  32. Become a graphic designer
  33. Know how to drive a stick shift.
  34. Received a 4.2 on a university paper.
  35. Never tried hard drugs or marijuana.
  36. Learned how to code. In fact it’s been an intrinsic part of my professional arsenal.
  37. Rescued 3 dogs and 1 cat thus far (and they’ve rescued me at crucial times in my life)