“Keep your face towards the light of the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadows.”
— Helen Keller

Evening Star
Imagine waking up each morning and stepping into a world of possibilities, where even the simplest of tasks becomes a source of delight. My mind was reawakened to this idea, when I came across a homeschool routine that had cleverly labeled “free time” in their schedule as “The Joy of Whatever.”

Brilliant! Delightful! Yes!

This simple shift in language to see free time not as a void to be filled, but as an opportunity to explore, create, and embrace the activities that bring us happiness. The concept of reframing encourages us to turn our attention away from the ordinary and discover the extraordinary hiding within it.

The power of reframing lies in its ability to infuse our lives with positivity and to deepen our connection with our daily experiences.

In another find, consider “doing chores,” a phrase often accompanied by a sense of drudgery. What if instead of viewing them as mundane tasks, they were opportunities to “bless and cleanse” the spaces we inhabit. When we reframe chores in this light, vacuuming transforms into a dance, dusting a way to bless and thank our furniture, and folding laundry becomes a meditative activity restoring order and clarity. By imbuing tasks with intention, we not only get them done but create a more harmonious environment in which to live.

In a world that often urges us to rush through routines and prioritize productivity, reframing allows us to slow down and savor the nuances of our existence. This practice of renaming aspects of our lives to create a more uplifting narrative, holds the power to transform our mindset and enhance our well-being.

Doesn’t your day seem more vibrant just thinking of this? Love to hear your thoughts? What could you reframe into magic?


MANTRA: I am capable of achieving great things.