I found this fun card spread from Thistle Tarot on Pinterest pinned by Inner Eye Tarot for artists. I decided to journal the spread here to 1. share and 2. to remember! I have a variety of decks and I need to pull cards for myself more often. So here’s to more shares in the future.

The deck I used for this spread was “The Wild Offering Oracle” deck by Tosha Silver (and beautiful artwork by Katie Daisy!).

1 | What you put into your art


What do I no longer need? Help me, God, to release whatever people, places or things drain my vital essence. Show me what will fill me with enthusiasm and joy!

3 | What inspires your best work


A sanctuary resides inside you no matter what is happening. This inner temple beckons you to enter. Take a deep breath, enter, and sit down on the throne of your own heart.

5 | Message from Muse


I am one with unlimited Love, beyond all seeming restrictions of age. I am filled with joy, energy and beauty – a vessel for the Divine Shakti!

2 | What your art says about how you see the world


Your wholeness and safety lie within, not from a partner. But this sovereignty actually leads to the deepest intimacy for you to stop using others. Let me stand on my own feet, dear Lord, and know True Love!

4 | What my art inspires in others


The ultimate self-sufficiency is relying on God. It doesn’t mean hiding in a cave and saying, “I don’t need people.” Instead, it’s saying, “God is my Source, and I am willing to receive all the help, love and support that wants to come!”