The month in summary: Sweet autumn days, the month was much more treats than tricks.

What small and large wins did I have this month?

I created more content kits for my new project – however, I got a bit tripped p on content and now re-doing several before officially launching. So feeling I was two steps forward and now sitting back on the bench.

What is something I did to improve my health?

Began a 30-day push up challenge – on day 5 and still going strong!

What is something I did to further my professional goals?

I took one evening to watch the online courses and pass the Google Analytics certification for the beginner level. Now halfway through the advanced one.

What is something I did to nurture community, be social?

We had an actual birthday party this month for my son. I had some big inner critic fears but it all went off beauitfully and was a fun day. I have new memories now of a successful birthday party for my son.

What will I continue for November?

Staying aware of getting daily exercise.

What will I not continue for November?

Not following through on my daily chores schedule. I get behind by two days and suddenly the whole week of chores has been missed.