The month in summary: Let it fall.

Did I succeed at my Monthly Challenge?

Nope. I did write more than years past however this again fell off my priority list for the month and was not accomplished.

What small and large wins did I have this month?

I walked away from a commitment realizing if it’s making me insance it’s ok to quit.

What is something I did to improve my health?

Asked the doctor for a special presciption to help me manage an on-going issue. I also set up our misters to help with the winter dryness and sleeping.

What is something I did to further my professional goals?

I had signed up to attend a local business event – unfortunately it got cancelled but I was prepared to attend. I alos looked into 2020 confrences in the area to possibly attend.

What is something I did to nurture community, be social?

Attended theater project meeting and spoke up on several items. I also have pushed forward with a website for them and social media. Have another meeting next week so continuing my involvement. However, to keep myself from burning out, I have set myself a limit of one day a month to assist them with marketing. I don’t want to derail my own goals.

What will I continue for December?

Staying aware of getting daily exercise.

What will I not continue for December?

Not getting enough sleep. I plan to be stricter with my own bedtime.