Personally, I have a lot of goals I’m working toward and feeling stronger financially is one of them. In our world of easy buying, discerning when I’m buying something I need versus justifying it’s a “need” is a concern of mine. So much like a body “cleanse” or house decluttering, I’m planning to use the first 60 days of this year to reduce our outgoing money by cutting out non-essentials and feeling a little more organized after holiday spending.

I am hoping to notice where the weak spots or “leaks” are in my money management during this time of budget basics. Let you know how it goes.

CHALLENGE: No non-essential spending for 60 Days

WHEN: January 2 through March 1, 2020

SAVINGS FOR: Will go to credit card debt and then saving for our spring break trip the following week (so that the card doesn’t get racked back up!). Ideally will go to better credit rating for house-buying goal by end of year.


  • Activities (existing streaming subscriptions can remain; no Prime Video rentals)
  • No “events” to which I haven’t already RSVPed (e.g. no shows, no movies, no sporting events)
  • Eating and drinking out, delivery or fast food – home cooking only unless very special occason with others at “sit down.”
  • Shopping beyond groceries and basic needs (except prescriptions and possible gifts for other people). NO AMAZON!
  • Anything else that’s not a need (vs. a want). Example oil change, light bulbs are ok. New lamp probably not.
  • Beauty products or spa treatments (normal hair services will be allowed)