I’m currently reading Dani Shapiro’s writing book, Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life and came across a line referencing the African saying “The blessing is next to the wound.” It was one of those lines in a book that makes my eyes tear and breathing change (as Oprah would likely say an “A-ha” moment). That often occurs when something rings of deep truth.

I love places and people and words of deep truth. I find deep truth most often in nature… the sacred stillness of the woods, a moment of eye contact with a deer, the ability to observe and animal in the wild actually… to be allowed into the unveiled authentic moment. It makes my eyes tear up now just thinking of the many privileged times that has been afforded me.

I look for those moments, especially now when the world seems to “gloss over” so much… has no time to go beyond the surface or 5-second soundbite down to the multi-colored truth of things. Down where you have to wait a moment… down where you must also see and look with your heart… down where the profundity of life dwells.

Happy Monday to you all!