One special piece of artwork in my home reads “She was on a journey back to her wings.”

I bought it when we first moved here… almost five years ago. I was rebuilding my life and regaining my sense of self so this message resonated on many levels. And it still does.

First, I love the symbology of becoming a butterfly and even have a tattoo of one that supports my goal of self-evolution. Second, I believe in the power of wings not just of butterflies but angels, fairies, hippogriffs, etc. It connects to another quote I hold dear… “What if I fall? …Oh,but my darling, what if you fly?” Finally, there is the journeying itself… in particular the hero’s journey we each have for our own life.

I am on a journey back to the woman I was on my way to be it seemed in my late twenties when I seemed to diverge. And yet, I believe I am divinely guided, that there is divine timing …that many components of our lives circle back on themselves to give us those “Ah, that makes so much sense now!” hindsights of our journey.

So I can only believe then that I am taking the long way ’round.

To be fair, I have always preferred the scenic route… the roadways versus flyovers.

I always take a deep breath when I pause in front of this artwork. Re-centering myself. Feeling those mighty wings of mine slowly growing back.

There’s my little nugget of sharing for this Monday. May you feel your wings this week as you journey ever forward.

P.S. The piece is by Kelly Rae Roberts. I have several of her items. Love her work!