If we were having coffee today, you’d find me sitting on the patio at my bright orange mosaic table enjoying hot coffee and a book (I am almost done with John Grisham’s “The Judge’s List” so I may not hear you right away).

I am trying to raise my vibration… put out good vibes. This week was a roller coaster – some good conversations, a step out of my comfort zone led to positive results and also some disheartening moments.

For those moments, I’ve been trying to take some positive and self-esteem boosting activities this weekend to shake them off and drive my direction forward.

Actually I was browsing online and came across a cute wood sign with a snail that said, “Forward is forward no matter how you go.” Yes, I bookmarked it for possible future buy but not until more of this clutter is gone!

Maybe you can sit here with me and brainstorm some additional possitive activities. Maybe you can help with all the spider webs! If my little garden grows anything in spring, it is somehow spider webs! I have no idea why they’re so attracted to my home versus the neighbors but they seem to be. I try to be reasonable given the benefits they provide but spider webs are not exactly signs of a clean house 🙂

So that’s my #WeekendCoffeeShare – need to get back to my novel before my son or the dogs find me for food.

Wishing you a wonderful week. I’ll be around if you want to stop by!