Welcome. This is my personal blog abot personal things, about all of this life so far and what’s to come. About being present and in the moment and working to keep this fire within me burning. As one of my favorite movies says, “I used to be audacious, Mama.”

I’m not entirely clear when the fire started to dampen down. And it’s really not important. What’s become important to me is to get the fire inside roaring again. I’ve reached 45, technically the the mid-point of life (knock on wood). And I have arrived here half-filled. My soul is restless; I’ve not done what I am meant to do. That’s all I’ve got… that tickle in the back of my throat… the desire to roar and declare my truth… but still unsure of what words are contained within that barbaric yawp… what chant I dance around the communal bonfire with joyful other women who know and live their truth.

So I’m making this blog a way to share my journey of soulfire adventures, In case, you too, dear friend, feel like your own soul could use a little more heat, more passion, more fire.