Starting a new process for myself – a set list of questions to reflect on past month. My hope is that I’ll capture positive momentum to show my progress and keep me going into the upcoming month with more focus on what I want. At this moment, I’m feeling like I live a lot of my life for “others” and not for my purpose, wants and goals.

What small and large wins did I have this month?

Great road trip to California and time with extended family.
24/7 as a single mom with no real alone time and we both survived, thrived and had fun times.

What is something I did to improve my health?

I was more conscious about my sleep time and need to get 8 hours. Not that I came close to achieving it.

What is something I did to further my professional goals?

I looked into master degree information again and found a couple certifications that I plan to apply and pursue in the coming months.

I also worked on my new product offeringss and completed three set. Three more and I can launch.

What is something I did to nurture community, be social?

We had a great long weekend to visit family. I talked more in two days than I do in a month usually. It was exhausting. It was good for me.

Also stepped out of normal box last weekend with one of my closest friends by going to a roller derby bout and trying an artisanal ice cream place. So fun!!

What will I continue for August?

Making and working on health goals like 10,000 steps and proper sleep.

What will I not continue for August?

I really need to stop slaving away for work into the wee hours. I don’t know if it’s focus stuff with my son here through work. My hope is it will improve with school starting.