Blissmancer: a person who has the ability to manifest or create unexpected joy and happiness in her own life.
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“Bliss” is a big word for me. Even bigger when I consider it an emotion I’d like to feel a little more consistently in my life.

In a world filled with distractions and challenges, I think deliberately cultivating joy and bliss has become essential for me. I actively seek out experiences, activities, and perspectives that uplift my spirit and nourish my soul. Whether it’s soaking in the wonder of nature, engaging in creative pursuits, or declaring my gratitude, these intentional acts have become the stepping stones I’m taking to a more joy-filled existence.

Amidst my pursuits of more joy and bliss, my belief in divine timing is growing too. Trusting in divine timing involves releasing attachment to outcomes and embracing the belief that the Universe has a grand plan for our lives. This trust allows me to navigate life with a bit more grace and welcome the unexpected opportunities and blessings. Life often unfolds in mysterious ways, and moments of serendipity and synchronicity can manifest when we surrender our need for control and have faith in the greater cosmic order.

Like my recent discovery that eight-pointed stars (like the one above) are called Octagrams. And they hold symbolic significance in many spiritual practices. Across cultures and traditions, they represent balance, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things. It’s moments like this that I feel the Universe confirm one of my favorite mantras “The Universe supports me. The Universe has my back.”

I was researching this symbol to be the star in a logo for a new enterprise of mine. The eight points are said to embody different aspects of life, such as love, growth, abundance, and spirituality. I take the step into something new and feel the Universe confirm/align where I’m heading with little moments like this.

I’m sure your life has them too. Keep your eyes and hearts open for them. Embrace them. Give thanks for them and more are sure to come.

MANTRA: I trust in divine timing.