Free spirit: A woman who lives life on her own terms and embraces her individuality.
Evening Star

I’ve been reading a thought-provoking book I recommend others checking out – DIY Rules for a WTF World. One of the aha moments for me was to stop asking if something is the right or good choice and begin asking “How me is this?” and “How future me is this?”

Yes, they work well for decluttering the closet and jewelry box but they also have helped me professionally. Does this opportunity or decision mirror my values? Asking “How me is this?” urges us to remain grounded in our authenticity, to make choices that are genuine extensions of who we are right now.

Contemplating a job offer that promises financial stability but lacks creative fulfillment? Applying “How me is this?” involves questioning if the job aligns with our core values, passions, and aspirations at this present moment. Will it allow me to pursue a new skill that “future me” definitely wants?

“How me is this?” prompts us to peer into our current self and encourages decisions that stay true to your authenticity, aligning with the person you are right now.

While “How future me is this?” asks us to consider the implications of choices down the road. It encourages us to envision our future self and assess whether a decision harmonizes with that envisioned persona.

Our values and aspirations evolve as we journey through life, and by consistently posing these questions, we ensure our choices align with our authentic self. Using these questions as filters for sorting and determining elements of our lives can be remarkably clarifying. I have found them impartial barometers to help me tune into my own gut instinct and honor it far more than “does this bring me joy?”

In a world that often urges conformity and sameness, “How me is this?” and “How future me is this?” become fun tools for clarifying our individual path. They empower us to craft a life that isn’t a mere collection of random events, but an intentional design that resonates with our present truth while nurturing our blossoming potential.

Sink or swim, do or die, this is a life that’s uniquely “me” I happily live.

MANTRA: I am confident in my abilities and trust in the journey ahead.