Yesterday it snowed – a beautiful quiet ending to 2018 and now this morning we awoke to a blank slate outside.

I went to bed early last night – no champagne and cheers for me. And that was okay. I read. I wrote a little. I listened to my body that wanted to sleep.

I recently read of a New Year superstition that you should not doing anything on the New Year Day you do not want to all year long. So don’t pay bills on New Year (or you’ll be paying all year long) or massively clean but perhaps visit with others and eat well so you do that all year long. This superstition is helping me be extra mindful today – I would like to blog daily so hence why I’m typing this now after a healthy breakfast and before my son and I venture into the snow for a walk.

To prepare for this coming year, a year I plan to share more of myself, I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness and a recent gift, Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Wash Your Face. I believe part of keeping our soulfire burning bright is getting enough oxygen, enough fresh breathing room and that takes some daring. To take up a little more space in this world means also allowing yourself to be seen. To be heard. To be vunerable and show more of who I am.

So all that said and a better understanding on where my heart and head are at these days, I present the personal manifesto I wrote last night. I’ve been wanting to develop one for the last few months and last night, she appeared.

I am a woman of intelligence, wit and grace
Who laughs loud and often
Who loves deep and expansively.

I allow myself to feel good
I allow myself to be seen and heard
I allow myself to walk in all my Goddess-ness.

I love myself fiercely and I treat myself well.
I tend to my wounds
I keep myself healthy – body, mind and soul.

I love Life and She loves me back.

Now onto the 2019 #SoulGoals I’ve set for myself

2019 #SoulGoals

Cross off 10 bucket list goals
Pay off all my credit card debt
Create 24 new items for etsy store
Release 2 free e-courses/email series
Take two true vacations
Write and release three new e-books
Blog weekly on each of my sites
Schedule and follow through on quarterly goal review days
Communicate regularly with my siblings to become closer this year (or not and release big sister guilt over it)
Make time to take care of myself, even if that means disappointing others.
Express myself creatively and loudly because I deserve to take up space on this earth.

What are you planning for yourself this year?