My day job consists of creating a lot of visuals for technology businesses and organizations. Typically these images are very abstract, futuristic and don’t provide me with a lot of variation or just plain fun in the doing. To help strengthen my skills and provide me with a little weekly fun, I am committing to creating 3-4 graphics weekly to share here.

Honestly, the sharing is a big part of this challenge. I want to be better about putting my own design work out there and stop overthinking things. So not only will I be sharing here but also on my Instagram account using hashtag #GetGraphic.

For inspiration, I’m utilizing #LetterItJanuary prompts shared by Jenny High Smith in her past hand lettering challenges. I’ve tried hand lettering and it’s something I hope to dive into deeper but for now this challenge is about me just designing for my own joy. Rather than pressure myself to do one daily, I’m taking time on the weekend to play with the quotes that call to me that day.

So here goes, the first four of I hope many this year. Love to hear in the comments which was your favorite.

What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year.

“With the New Day comes New Strength and New Thoughts.”– Eleanor Roosevelt


Less Greed.More Giving.

“God doesn’t call the Qualified, He qualifies the Called.”CHRISTINE CAINE

Until next week… keep your soulfire burning bright!