I stand before you
head down

I need so much from you
your love
your trust
your concern for my well-being

I need for you to see me
the me that is flawed and imperfect and because of those flaws and imperfections all the more beautiful in my own unique way because that is how i see myself

i need you to “get me”

but i cannot say this
i can only plead through a still voice and closed eyes
that somehow telepathically you will be the one that can see me this way

is it a lot to ask
but i need it

i need it like air and breath and water and sunshine
i need it to grow and keep giving and keep loving and keep believing
while the rest fo the world does not see me

can you do this?
do you need this?

do you need me to see you as perfect in your own brilliant soul-blinding way
to love you unconditionally even when you mess up huge
to care for you even when you’re behaving like an complete ass
to share with you even when you are stingy and vain

I look up to meet your eyes
to see if i can note your need to mine.

STOP [time’s up].

As I return to blogging I also wanted to return to this great Friday activity. Learn about and join Five-minute Friday here.