Depend. Such a heavy word for me. I feel its weight perhaps because I feel others dependence on me more than times I have depended upon others.

So I close my eyes and think about Divine and how I depend upon guidance and angelic support to lift me in moments of doubt and fear. To help me lift my head, calm my heart, soothe those tears and fears welling within me.

Then the burden of the word feels lifted for a moment… an ease off my shoulders.

And in this silent five-minutes I can hear God calling me to depend upon Him and the angels contiually. To not feel unworthy of the asking. I am a woman of grace and goodness. I have allowed so much dependence that it is ok for me to share my burdens.

I let out a big sigh. A deep breath of exhalation and gratitude from deep within. I can always keep going. I know that but to also know that we can walk a little lighter… less of a load upon our hearts and souls. to know that is all I need today.

Blessings to you!


As I return to blogging I also wanted to return to this great Friday activity. Learn about and join Five-minute Friday here.