I have always been someone who recharges during alone time. Ever since I read The Artist’s Way back in the 90s, I have tried to squeeze in artist dates or what I call “me dates” when I could. Part of my scheduling problem has been what to do. Without an idea for the “date” I would end up just running errands (buying things I really didn’t need) and maybe walking the same usual paths. Not that inspiring.

So for 2020, I have put a plan together for myself to follow and now sharing with all of you. I’ve even included a 1-page chacklist so you can just keep this in the car when you need an idea in the moment. The core goal for these “dates” is to be aware of making fulfilling time for yourself each week. So many of us are always on the go, doing things for others and putting ourselves last.

So happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

View and download my 52 “Me” Dates Ideas