My professional pursuits in life all require working on the computer. My personal passion for writing also leans toward the butt-in-seat position for much of the time. I work from home so while it seems like there is ample opportunity to get up and move, I don’t tend to. Which is why I’ve set myself this challenge and am not saving it for the new year. I want walking 8,000+ steps a day to be natural…a habit… normal. I want to be in the groove of moving a fair amount as I tackle new challenges for myself in 2020. I want my fitbit hitting 10k to be a no-brainer… as much as it can be for me.

How will I set myself up to succeed:

  1. conscious effort to park farther than I do now from the store’s entrance. End of the row, girlie!
  2. in the store – especially the grocery store – I will take two trips around the aisles. More steps and my chances that I won’t forget anything increase
  3. setting an alarm for three 15-minute walk breaks during my work day
  4. any skype meetings will be done standing and walking
  5. get my daily chores all completed – hello extra effort = steps
  6. with son, establish a nightly one-song dance party while cooking dinner. Fun and will get us both moving!
  7. walk during first 30 minutes of family movie at night

With holiday activities happening too this month, I’m feeling confident that I will succeed this month. What will you challenge yourself to this month?