I found an old blog of mine this week where I was attempting to do both a drabble (writing) and photographing life monthly challenges. I was mildly impressed by some of the things I wrote and a little disappointed by the photos. However the photos did capture some of my day to day life at the time and I did appreciate the captions and the captures. So I asked CHATGPT to develop a prompt lit for me to complete by the end of the year. I asked for 125 but need only complete 100 (because I tend to rebel a touch and reject lists). And I’m allowing myself to be inspired by the prompt to write or draw or photograph… the key is being creative.

Doing the math, to complete on time, I should be tackling one of these every 3 days.


  1. Sunrise in your town
  2. A local street at night
  3. Your favorite place to relax
  4. A portrait of a stranger
  5. Something you fear
  6. A childhood memory
  7. A scene from a dream
  8. The view from your window
  9. A close-up of nature
  10. Urban decay
  11. Reflection in water
  12. An old person’s hands
  13. A bustling market scene
  14. Tranquility
  15. A pet’s perspective
  16. Seasonal changes in a park
  17. Abandoned places
  18. Street art in your city
  19. Festivals or celebrations
  20. Night sky stars
  21. A moment of laughter
  22. A self-portrait
  23. Someone in love | ✅ Drawing, 11 April 2024
  24. A busy workplace
  25. Solitude
  26. Cultural traditions
  27. Fast motion
  28. A day in your life
  29. Something antique
  30. Wildlife in action
  31. Architectural details
  32. A rainy day
  33. A family heirloom
  34. City at dawn
  35. Shadows and light
  36. A hidden gem in your city
  37. Your favorite meal
  38. A candid moment
  39. Extreme close-up of an object
  40. A joyful moment
  41. A piece of art in progress
  42. A historic building
  43. People commuting
  44. A serene landscape
  45. Technology in daily life
  46. A festive decoration
  47. A moment of contemplation
  48. A night-time ritual
  49. Handmade creations
  50. A sporting event
  51. Nature’s fury
  52. Street musicians
  53. An act of kindness
  54. A childhood toy
  55. Your workspace
  56. A significant tree
  57. An inspiring book
  58. Morning routine
  59. A playful scene
  60. A significant journey
  61. A vibrant sunset
  62. A cultural event
  63. A meaningful gift
  64. A wild animal
  65. A street vendor
  66. An old photograph
  67. A piece of vintage technology
  68. A scenic route
  69. A local delicacy
  70. A personal hobby
  71. A night under the stars
  72. A garden in bloom
  73. A public demonstration
  74. A traditional costume
  75. A moment of surprise
  76. An interesting shadow
  77. A reflection on a building
  78. A scene of relaxation
  79. A local landmark
  80. A favorite book scene
  81. An abstract concept
  82. A weather phenomenon
  83. A childhood game
  84. A local festival
  85. A moment of peace
  86. A natural pattern
  87. An interesting texture
  88. A street corner at dusk
  89. A sporting activity
  90. An emotion
  91. A local cafe scene
  92. A piece of street furniture
  93. A traditional craft
  94. A moment in nature
  95. A unique perspective
  96. A gathering of friends
  97. A local bridge
  98. An early morning activity
  99. A place of worship
  100. Your reflection in an unusual place
  101. The texture of an old tree bark
  102. A bustling city intersection
  103. Quiet moments in a library
  104. The chaos of a construction site
  105. A bird’s nest with eggs
  106. A street performer in action
  107. The interior of an antique shop
  108. People watching in a park
  109. A close-up of a spider web
  110. Footprints in the sand or snow
  111. A local farmer’s market
  112. The energy of a dance floor
  113. A child playing alone
  114. The aftermath of a celebration
  115. A lone boat on a lake
  116. The symmetry of a staircase
  117. A worn-out pair of shoes
  118. The buzz of a tattoo parlor
  119. A moment of decision
  120. The elegance of a hand-written letter
  121. A secret garden
  122. The bustle of a train station
  123. A candle-lit dinner setting
  124. The calm before a storm
  125. An abandoned vehicle