“Know that your work speaks only to those on the same wavelength as you.”
― Jean Cocteau
Evening Star

In a recent issue of one of my favorite magazines, MANTA Wellness, I came across the quote above. I liked it and yet it has sat a bit uneasy with me.

At its core, this quote plainly states needing to embrace the idea that our creative endeavors, whether they be art, writing, music, or any other form of expression, will naturally resonate more strongly with those who possess a similar wavelength of thought and emotion. For the people pleaser in me, the reaction is “that doesn’t leave a whole lot of people, I’m really an odd duck” and makes me feel limited. As I sat with it on my desk, I realize though it also encourages us to prioritize authenticity over conformity… that catering to a broader audience doesn’t always need to be the ultimate goal.

Just as musical notes harmonize when they vibrate at the same frequency, so too does creative work resonate with its audience when it strikes a chord with their beliefs and sensibilities. Do I want to deeply move one person or get read by ten and quickly forgotten?

When we channel our energies into producing creations that truly reflect our unique voices, we naturally attract individuals who are aligned with our wavelength. People who will be drawn to our work, not because of market trends or popular opinions, but because they recognize the authenticity and depth behind it. In a world teeming with diverse perspectives and tastes, it’s impossible to create something that universally appeals to everyone.

Ok, but how can I maybe increase the wavelength or help others tune into it? In other words, can there be a win-win here?

Honestly, the notion of finding one’s wavelength-compatible audience seems daunting, especially in an era where social media metrics and follower counts often dictate success. Putting aside sheer quantity, my focus now shifts to fostering quality connections. My goal is what I’ve now dubbed “Northern Star Authenticity”, where I embrace my unique voice, experiences, and passions.

Part of my Northern Star Authenticity plan:

  • Engage in platforms, groups, and events that align with my fields of work. Spaces that provide fertile ground to find individuals who may resonate with my creations.
  • Create from a place of authenticity, and believe the work naturally carries a resonance that will attract those who share my wavelength.
  • Prioritize depth over breadth. Meaningful engagement with a smaller, resonant community will lead to more fulfilling connections than superficial engagement. Respond to comments, encourage discussions, and make an effort to understand the perspectives of those who engage with me.
  • Sharing work through more channels –exhibitions, readings, performances, live social – to increase visibility. While our work may not align with the sensibilities of the masses, reaching out to the niches where our wavelength is appreciated amplifies the chances of connecting with those who deeply resonate with our ideas.
  • Really consider and therefore have courage to try a collaborative project with a fellow creator to help expand my reach into similar circles. These partnerships can introduce our work to new audiences while maintaining resonance with our existing supporters.
  • Most of all, have a little more patience with myself. I think many of us creatives worry about being Van Gogh or Emily Dickinson and finding very, very few who get us in our lifetime. But if I calm myself, I’ve already achieved a handful of encouragers, I just need to keep showing up with genuine love to expand circle.

By staying true to our authenticity, we can cultivate a vibrant network of individuals who are in harmony with our creative wavelengths. Finding connections and understanding that not everyone will perceive the depth of your work, but those who share your wavelength will grasp its true significance.

Best of luck and much love, SoulFire Seekers.

MANTRA: I have permission to surround myself with positive influences and let go of toxic relationships.