If we were having coffee today, despite it being slightly chilly, I’d think we’d stay outside for our chat. I promise though the coffee is delicious and hot.

Son has been two weeks now from school and hurrah – we are both still fairly happy and content. I stocked up on spring art projects and we already had proper grade level workbooks here to do some schooling from. The school has now sent some online resources and my son’s class met virtually yesterday for 30 minutes via Zoom. He was so excited to see his friends… far more excited than I have ever been to see colleagues on a video conference lol.

I’ve been a remote worker for the past six years and so gratefully, I’m already used to working at home and my job has hardly slowed. I am incredibly grateful for that and am looking for ways to help my community as I know others are not as fortunate.

I’m mourning the loss of Kenny Rogers, who passed on Friday. As a young girl, I loved his songs and his movies. As I posted in a tweet, I will always be singing along. So grateful for the treasures he gave us.

Coffee ShareToday’s #WeekendCoffeeShare is single-origin Tanzania Peaberry from World Market. Yes, I did venture there to stock up this past week.

Otherwise, we’ve only ventured to the store twice. Might be going again tomorrow morning but trying to hold off. I do get a little anxious so we’ve begun to add family meditation times to our days to keep peace in our hearts.

I truly hope you and yours are doing well. Stay safe. Stay kind. Stay productive.