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Hello 2019! #TuesdayThoughts

I recently read of a New Year superstition that you should not doing anything on the New Year Day you do not want to all year long. So don’t pay bills on New Year (or you’ll be paying all year long) or massively clean but perhaps visit with others and eat well so you do that all year long. This superstition is helping me be extra mindful today – I would like to blog daily so hence why I’m typing this now after a healthy breakfast and before my son and I venture into the snow for a walk.

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Welcome Soulfire Seekers!

My son and IThis is my personal blog about being present and in the moment and working to keep this fire within me burning.

So I’m making this blog a way to share my journey of “soulfire adventures.” In case, you too, dear friend, feel like your own soul could use a little more heat, more passion, more fire.

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