I came across someone’s “Divorce Bucket List” today of 50 things to do. I love the idea but hate the title. I don’t want to wrap my life “before marriage” and “after marriage” but I do certainly realize things have changed, I need to grow and do a lot of self-care right now. So here are things I want to accomplish in the next two years… things I’ve perhaps wanted to do for a long time but felt prevented. Not letting anyone or anything stop me and if you’d like to join me on one of these – let me know!!

The List – to complete by March 14, 2020


  1. Write my will.
  2. Meditate as habit – at least 10 minutes daily.
  3. Get a reading.
  4. Buy myself a ring. As soon as it’s finalized, friends. I have a very sweet north star ring with a moontone center that I wear on my left ring finger.
  5. Horseback ride.
  6. Join a choir.
  7. Take a yoga class.
  8. Take a meditation or Reiki class.
  9. Attend an event I find on Meetup.com. I have a few groups I joined so progress!
  10. Do some volunteer work.
  11. Audition for a play/musical.
  12. Go camping with CJ — we’ve gone a couple times now using state park cabins. Only non-camping is not in a tent.
  13. Renew my passport. Just by getting a valid passport, I am opening myself up to the possibility of traveling to new places.
  14. Find a good therapist.
  15. Whiten my teeth.
  16. Go on one “exotic” trip alone.
  17. Plan one event to look forward to each month. It can be as small as a manicure, or a concert, a movie night. Whatever gives a spark of positivity.
  18. Forgive my ex.
  19. Forgive myself.
  20. Walk / Run in five 5ks.
  21. Get new family photos.
  22. Get below 200 pounds.
  23. Get my Master’s Degree.
  24. Buy my own home.
  25. Grow a garden.
  26. Host a dinner party.
  27. Have high tea.
  28. Go 30 days without fast food.
  29. Write daily – at least 20 minutes.
  30. Go to a play. – My son and I have gone to several in 2018. I’ve also bought a subscription set of six events for the upcoming performing arts season so I feel very “cultural” for that lol
  31. Take CJ to Disneyland / Disney World.
  32. Complete Whole30 program. Per my nutritionist, I’m currently doing GlutenFree-DairyFree-SugarFree daily so…
  33. Go 30 days with no Facebook.
  34. Complete our family yearbooks so CJ has the good times.
  35. Go to a baseball game.
  36. Take a real train ride with CJ
  37. Sew myself something to wear.
  38. Sew something for the house.
  39. Enter a poetry contest.
  40. Enter a photo contest.
  41. Build a snowman.
  42. Go to the Grand Canyon. I’ve actually gone to the South Rim several times but this September, my son and I travelled to the North Rim and it was so much more. It was his first time seeing The Canyon. A beautiful and special time that I hope to share soon for other “solo mamas” with my tricks for easier, affordable outdoor trips.
  43. Go to Yellowstone again with son.
  44. Learn self defense.
  45. Join a CSA
  46. Do 30 random acts of kindness – one a day for a month if possible
  47. Try paddleboarding
  48. Bake cookies for our local fire station – take with CJ
  49. Complete NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words
  50. Become a Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle (CLSC) graduate
  51. Identify 10 constellations – I got the Big Dipper and Orion. (6/10)
  52. Have a past life regression session
  53. Slide down a waterslide
  54. Ride a rollercoaster (again) with son.
  55. Geocache – we’ve gone looking but yet to be successful.
  56. Create passive income that brings in at least $500/month consistently. Current average is $100.
  57. Send a postcard to Post Secret
  58. Have professional pictures taken – both career and family
  59. Say YES more often
  60. Get a mammogram – June 2018; lasted all of ten minutes. Not painful or even that uncomfortable and people were so nice.
  61. Write personal manifesto
  62. Eat at a “real” restaurant alone
  63. Make homemade pickles
  64. Host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
  65. Teach a craft project to a group
  66. Do/create something worthy of being nominated as a MacArthur Fellow
  67. Hike the 20-mile John Muir National Recreation Trail in Eastern Tennessee
  68. Spend a weekend in Redwood National Park with CJ
  69. Give a needy child the Christmas of his life
  70. Keep a journal for a year of your life
  71. Widen myself. For one year, try this: each week visit your local library and spend a minimum of one hour in the periodicals section. This is the sitting area with tables and chairs and with magazines on display. Take down several magazines you have never heard of and flip through them. Read anything that attracts your attention.
  72. Try Tai Chi
  73. Attend a religious service once a week, every week, for a year
  74. Get a PhD
  75. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home