Starting a new process for myself – a set list of questions to reflect on past month. My hope is that I’ll capture positive momentum to show my progress and keep me going into the upcoming month with more focus on what I want. At this moment, I’m feeling like I live a lot of my life for “others” and not for my purpose, wants and goals.

What small and large wins did I have this month?

Made a point to celebrate the first day of school in a way to set up tradition for future.
Completed several “sets” for my new product offering

What is something I did to improve my health?

Tried a lymphatic drainage massage. I think it might have led to a bout of cellulitis but going to try again – net time with sauna too -and see.
Went to dentist for crown. Last tooth in need! Also bought some fancy toothpaste to help keep them strong.

What is something I did to further my professional goals?

Attended master degree information webinar for two different universities. Made a decision this month to move forward with a certification first and applying within September. Once I have those grades I will feel more confident with my master’s application to Northwestern.

Close to launching my new business service – – done-for-you social media content with graphics. My plan is September 3.

What is something I did to nurture community, be social?

Attended a volunteer meeting for a local arts project. Followed up with suggestions and planning to attend again in September to help this group.

What will I continue for September?

Making and working on health goals like 10,000 steps and proper sleep. I feel I did worse in August in regards to sleep. I did get back into walking and yoga videos this last week of August to help me get more steps in.

What will I not continue for September?

My schedule and our family routine was very loopy this month. I’m working this weekend to reset my sleep habits/pattern which will help our routine a lot I believe.