A to Z Challenge 2020
Danger kissed me
as he bolted the door
locking me in
and placing my hand
upon his cock, said
you’re not leaving
me like this

Danger took me
to the floor
and kept me there
sucking for an hour
until my jaw hurt
and my legs opened
and my will died
my spirit bled
my soul cracked

Danger kissed me
and I froze
and I obeyed
to survive

To survive
and remember
for always
that Danger
kissed me
harmed me
tricked me
broke me

in all ways
fucked with me

For April, I am challenging myself to both #NaPoWriMo but also the #AtoZChallenge. This peom also matters this month as it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I was raped by an acquaintance my freshmen year of college like a great many good women. To these sisers, I offer my love and knowledge the scar remains but you will stand up and laugh and rise and love well beyond it.