I’ve been reading quite a bit lately for my own pleasure (as opposed to the many read-aloud books I do with my son) which is wonderful!

On the non-fiction front, just completed reading Geneen Roth’s This Messy Magnificent Life. Some very good points and reminders in here on taking care of myself and not sweating small stuff. One of my favorite excerpts:

The most challenging part of respecting our bodies and healing compulsive eating is the conscious decision to question what keeps us bound and silenced. Until we can sit in our own skin and fully occupy the physical space we’ve been given, we will be apologetic about our bodies.

Last night, I returned to one of my favorite authors, finding a used paperback of a book I don’t recall having read before — Passenger to Frankfurt. This may lead to me creating a new book list to doublecheck I’ve read all of Christie’s works.

Happy Reading!