I have had trouble sleeping the last few months. I stay awake, listless, playing silly games on my iphone. Avoiding my thoughts, my feelings, my stories within.

I know I have several stories within me. The story of my first heartbreak. The story of my amazing sisterhood in college. The story of working in advertising. The story of being a mother… a mother to a very unique child… a wife… a failed wife.

But I don’t put on the kettle and get out the notebook. Instead I’ve been avoiding them. And I believe they are the ones keeping me up at night. I’m hoping by doing this 31 days of writing and getting back into a daily practice of writing that I honor my spirit and these stories within me will start speaking louder so I can hear them. That I’ll see it all has value. Worth. I have worth. Just giving one of these stories is enough.

A story to me is like a prayer. Amen.

As I return to blogging I also wanted to return to this great Friday activity. Learn about and join Five-minute Friday here.