I stand and see the storm approach
Steel gray blue clouds forming on the horizon.
A new challenge is arriving.
Shall I meet it?
Shall I seek shelter?
Will I overcome?

It moves forward swiftly
Assaulting my senses
Beating me down to my knees and pounding upon my back
Its winds howling into my ears, “you are not worthy, you are nothing.”

With my head bowed and hands upon my knees
I feel my heat within
the fire of my belly
the conviction of my soul
and I push myself back onto my feet
I stand resolved
I tilt my chin upward so my crown no longer slips
I stare right into the storm
and whisper “bring it.”

I stand ready with love and compassion and belief that my tomorrow will be a sunny day.
I will overcome.
I will triumph.
And then I will bow once more… in gratitude.

– Jeny Dowlin ©2017

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