“Discover” has to be one of my top 10 favorite words. Favorite actions. To learn something new every day is living a life of discovering and the only I believe in living an engaged, authentic life filled with adventure.

A-ha moments. Insights. Going to down online rabbit holes to discover worlds and nuggets of information I never would have “thunk up” on my own.

As a mother, I love to watch my son discover the world around him. To discover his imagination and gifts for telling stories both in drawings and orally.

I am discovering things about myself on this 31 day journey. Nothing could make me happier.

Discover is a positive word for me almost always for it is to shed light on something and nothing, even the unfortunate truths, need a moment of reckoning, to be seen and dealt with. I do not enjoy whispering shadows in my life. Things I feel going on that I catch a glimpse of only in my periphery vision.

So discover. Enjoy. Learn. Grow. Be well and happy Friday!

As I return to blogging I also wanted to return to this great Friday activity. Learn about and join Five-minute Friday here.