I am constantly invited by Life to be who I truly am. The sun shines for me. The leaves fall in an inviting fluttering dance. the birds sing to me. To exist this happy world in my present moment, in my here-now surroundings, I can play out and be my own genuine Snow White in this Disney-esque beauty.

But I don’t. And the moment is gone.

Or I do and the moment warms me through the day.

The invite is mine to accept or reject in any given moment.

The invite to play with my son. To hear a story of his trains – Thomas and Victor – he just made up. To watch the beauty of his imagination unfold. To join our gifts of creativity together.

I am invited to just sit in the sun with my aging dog and feel the softness of her fur, her closeness of protection and loyalty and love.

I am invited to work. To contribute my skills.

I say all this because I see in this moment the holiness of these acts. How much like a prayer of gratitude to heaven they can be. If I stay present. If I invite myself to not rush. To truly be… not still… but be here and know.

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