I am not afraid of change. Since becoming an “adult,” I’ve lived in a dozen different places and equally had that many jobs.

I know change is part of my life. What I strive for is some elements of myself to not change.

Having standards and expectations of myself. Having a kind heart and open mind. Having empathy for others.

I do not wish these parts of me to change. When things come about that affect them, those are my darker moments. Feeling the coldness of the world as it tries to draw the curtain on my sunshine, on my light.

That is when my faith truly kicks into gear, as I suspect it is the way for many of us. In the darkness, we can see the light of Divine shining all the brighter to light our way and help guide us through.

And I hope that never changes.

Blessings to all.

For October, I’m writing in conjunction with 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes and each post is written in five minutes flat.