In six days, my son has a birthday. These are the wondrous years. When every day it seems he grow a little more. Whether he adds an inch or a new social skill or a new thing learned in school. He is continually growing.

And I realize so am I. At least I try to continue to learn something new daily. To continue to grow in the sense of deepening my skillset, or health knowledge, or spiritual connectedness.

I had a beautiful moment on Sunday which touches my heart each time I’ve remembered it since.

I was “treasure hunting” aka shopping in a secondhand store on Saturday and came across a very, for me, gaudy necklace. The pendant was beautiful – a turquoise heart with wings and a crown. But the pendant part was BIG and heavy – at least 2 inches wide and 5 inches tall. But I thought it would make a great keychain. Especially for three bucks.

So the necklace is bought. I’ll take it apart sometime this next week to make into a keychain… “gosh, I hope it’ll come off okay,” I thought. Literally I thought this.

The next morning, a beautiful Sunday fall morning, I went to pull out the necklace. And the pendant was all ready off, people. Some fantastically crafty angel of mine thought it was a good idea I had and took the pendant off for me. The hoop link was just slightly apart – so slight.

And so that heart with wings is now on my keychain to remind me of the goodness and support I truly have every day. And you do too!!!

For October, I’m writing in conjunction with 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes and each post is written in five minutes flat.