This is a challenging first word for me to begin this blog post series. I was not raised with “every Sunday” church going so my worship time has always been very personal. It is very much a time of prayer and communication with Divine.

I try to give thanks and show gratitude throughout my day. For me, this is part of how I worship and show my love to Divine. It is always easiest when I’m reading spiritually based books or enjoying the outdoors, I realize. Is appreciation of Divine’s gifts a way to worship?

I also try to show this in being mindful of no “idle words.” I try to always speak honestly and kindly. I’m not perfect though as my road swearing can attest to.

Worship is a big word and one, I realize I’m uncomfortable with. I need to think on that. How can I own it better and incorporate worship beyond Sunday church services.

For October, I’m writing in conjunction with 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes and each post is written in five minutes flat.