Right now I am very grateful for reconnecting with my friend, RuthAnn.

After several years of just Facebook acquaintanceship, she reached out to me last month now that we are once more in the same state.

She is one of those wonderful people who always stay on the sunny side of life, or strive to. She is always seeing the best in people and gives such unconditional love and no judgement to so many who call her friend.

I feel so fortunate to not only reconnect but share her type of character and personality with my son, who she is so very sweet on.

Having her as an optimistic sunny voice and person to do things with occasionally is so valuable. We are able to not only talk beyond small talk about real things like education, spirituality, religion and health matters.

I am so very grateful that her presence is back in my world once more.

What friend are you so grateful for?

I’m a Pinterest fiend and found this perfect challenge for November – 30 Days of Gratitude challenge. There is a question posed for each day that I’m responding in a post. Join us!