There have been many unexpected blessings in my life but the biggest of all has to be my son.

I was 37, not married, not even close to having a relationship. In fact, I’d just been hurt by an old high school male friend that had come back into my life.

But I took a change at online dating and met H. And then things happened as we know they sometimes do. And I found myself going to buy a pregnancy test for the first time in my life. Honest. I never even had a pregnancy “boo” much less a full-on scare before age 37.

There it was that little plus sign that changes everything.

My mindset was one of complete gratitude. I knew children would be part of my life. I had been a camp counselor and Girl scout leader and loved kids. I was beginning to think perhaps I would end up a foster mother or perhaps meeting someone with children and become a stepmom. but I honestly did not know if God’s plans for me included children of my own. So to know it appeared God did want me to experience pregnancy and give bith and raise a child, it was a huge gift.

And it has been a huge gift. He is my “joy walking” and I’m deeply grateful he and God decided that “yep, she’d be the best mom for me.”

I’m a Pinterest fiend and found this perfect challenge for November – 30 Days of Gratitude challenge. There is a question posed for each day that I’m responding. Join us!