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31 Days of Writing | Day 30 :: Refine

I am in a stage of refining my life right now on so many levels.

Healthwise, my biological dad just informed me he’s been identified with the gene mutation MTHFR. This could be a big puzzle piece to my own health and maybe a way to help prevent issues for my son or soothe his autism symptoms. Continue reading

#MusicMotivation | “Salute” by Little Mix

One of my ideas on how to keep my spirits up each week is to start playing a theme song for the week. Continue reading

31 Days of Writing | Day 29 :: Follow

She said she would follow him forever.
Until the day he took her to the edge of a cliff.
Then she realized her life meant something to her. Continue reading

31 Days of Writing | Day 28 :: Connect

In my ideal world following my ideal routine, my morning would begin with quiet grace and sunshine. I would rise easily, take a deep breath and begin my day with five minutes of prayer and gratitude to connect with Divine.
Continue reading

31 Days of Writing | Five-Minute Friday | Day 27 :: Overcome

I stand and see the storm approach
Steel gray blue clouds forming on the horizon.
A new challenge is arriving.
Shall I meet it?
Shall I seek shelter?
Will I overcome?
Continue reading

31 Days of Writing | Day 26 :: Change

I am not afraid of change. Since becoming an “adult,” I’ve lived in a dozen different places and equally had that many jobs.

I know change is part of my life. What I strive for is some elements of myself to not change. Continue reading

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