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30 Days of Gratitude | Day 3 :: What childhood lesson are you grateful for?

Life Lesson | On my honor I will try, to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

I know that’s more than one life lesson. It’s a code, baby, that still resonates with how I try to lead my life and what is important to me.
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Five-Minute Friday: NEED

I stand before you
head down

I need so much from you
your love
your trust
your concern for my well-being
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30 Days of Gratitude | Day 2 :: What friend are you grateful for?

Right now I am very grateful for reconnecting with my friend, RuthAnn.

After several years of just Facebook acquaintanceship, she reached out to me last month now that we are once more in the same state.
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Join me and others for a SoulBook Gathering!

One of my favorite places on the internet for the past several years has been They have regularly inspired me, made me laugh, made me cry and much of the time, made me heal a little of my emotional pain.

For this latter part of 2017, they announced a SoulBook Gathering experience. I’m going to be doing one here with my good friend in mid-November and encourage you to join in where you are.

I promise to share a bit of my SoulBook in future posts.

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30 Days of Gratitude | Day 1 :: What unexpected blessing are you grateful for?

There have been many unexpected blessings in my life but the biggest of all has to be my son.
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31 Days of Writing | Day 31 :: Rest

My household is asleep. The dog rests at my feet. The son with remnants of Halloween makeup still upon his cheek sleeps nearby. It is hushed and I too feel the pull of sleep. But I also feel the peace of a promise fulfilled right now. Continue reading

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