I came across someone’s “Divorce Bucket List” today of 50 things to do. I love the idea but hate the title. I don’t want to wrap my life “before marriage” and “after marriage” but I do certainly realize things have changed, I need to grow and do a lot of self-care right now. So here are things I want to accomplish in the next two years… things I’ve perhaps wanted to do for a long time but felt prevented. Not letting anyone or anything stop me and if you’d like to join me on one of these – let me know!!

The List – to complete by March 14, 2020

  1. Write my will.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Get a reading.
  4. Buy myself a ring. As soon as it’s finalized, friends.
  5. Horseback ride.
  6. Join a choir.
  7. Take a yoga class.
  8. Take a meditation or Reiki class.
  9. Attend an event I find on Meetup.com.
  10. Do some volunteer work.
  11. Audition for a play/musical.
  12. Go camping with CJ
  13. Renew my passport. Just by getting a valid passport, I am opening myself up to the possibility of traveling to new places.
  14. Find a good therapist.
  15. Whiten my teeth.
  16. Go on one “exotic” trip alone.
  17. Plan one event to look forward to each month. It can be as small as a manicure, or a concert, a movie night. Whatever gives a spark of positivity.
  18. Forgive my ex.
  19. Forgive myself.
  20. Walk / Run in five 5ks.
  21. Get new family photos.
  22. Get below 200 pounds.
  23. Get my Master’s Degree.
  24. Buy my own home.
  25. Grow a garden.
  26. Host a dinner party.
  27. Have high tea.
  28. Go 30 days without fast food.
  29. Write.
  30. Go to a play.
  31. Take CJ to Disneyland / Disney World.
  32. Complete Whole30 program.
  33. Go 30 days with no Facebook.
  34. Complete our family yearbooks so CJ has the good times.
  35. Go to a baseball game.
  36. Take a real train with CJ
  37. Sew myself something to wear.
  38. Sew something for the house.
  39. Enter a poetry contest.
  40. Enter a photo contest.
  41. Build a snowman.
  42. Go to the Grand Canyon.
  43. Go to Yellowstone.
  44. Learn self defense.
  45. Join a CSA
  46. Do 30 random acts of kindness – one a day for a month if possible
  47. Try paddleboarding
  48. Bake cookies for our local fire station – take with CJ
  49. Complete NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words
  50. Identify 10 constellations
  51. Have a past life regression session
  52. Slide down a waterslide
  53. Ride a rollercoaster
  54. Geocache
  55. Create passive income
  56. Send a post card to Post Secret
  57. Have professional pictures taken – both career and family
  58. Say YES more often
  59. Get a mammogram
  60. Write your personal manifesto
  61. Eat at a “real” restaurant alone
  62. Make homemade pickles
  63. Host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
  64. Teach a craft project to a group
  65. Do/create something worthy of being nominated as a MacArthur Fellow
  66. Hike the 20-mile John Muir National Recreation Trail in Eastern Tennessee
  67. Spend a weekend in Redwood National Park with CJ