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I have had trouble sleeping the last few months. I stay awake, listless, playing silly games on my iphone. Avoiding my thoughts, my feelings, my stories within.

I know I have several stories within me. The story of my first heartbreak. The story of my amazing sisterhood in college. The story of working in advertising. The story of being a mother… a mother to a very unique child… a wife… a failed wife.

But I don’t put on the kettle and get out the notebook. Instead I’ve been avoiding them. And I believe they are the ones keeping me up at night. I’m hoping by doing this 31 days of writing and getting back into a daily practice of writing that I honor my spirit and these stories within me will start speaking louder so I can hear them. That I’ll see it all has value. Worth. I have worth. Just giving one of these stories is enough.

A story to me is like a prayer. Amen.

As I return to blogging I also wanted to return to this great Friday activity. Learn about and join Five-minute Friday here.


  1. Oh I hear you —- I admire the ppl doing the 31 days that have a theme —- and yet I just decided I must write (and see if a theme emerges). Glad to have you along for the journey.

  2. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. I love the thought of honoring your spirit through writing. I hope that participating in 31 Days helps you see the value of your stories. Keep telling them because you do have worth!

  3. We need your stories. Please keep writing. Thanks for this post.

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